A NEAT Way to Save Time…and Possibly Your Health 

Let’s face it, we’re all busy these days. We have our jobs, our side hustles, family, friends, and who knows what else is on YOUR list. Notice I didn’t even mention the basics of maintaining a house. When do we find time to do the dishes, laundry, dust, and vacuum? Weekends? Evenings? Once the kids are asleep? Between shifts? The list goes on. Usually we end up using our time “off” from work. There goes more time that could be spent on the aforementioned family, friends, or even a favorite hobby or activity.

What if the solution to your problem was a house cleaning service? You’ve probably heard of them, there are many in the area. For example a quick Google search for “home cleaning naples fl” brings up a sponsored result for 10+ companies. That of course is just the sponsored bunch. Scroll down a little further and there are search results featuring lists, such as “25 Best House Cleaning Services.”

One woman entrepreneur contributed an article to Forbes praising the financial investment. Saying she earned it and that a house cleaning service was the best gift she had ever given herself! I can’t blame her; the whole idea sounds great. Walking in the door, floors already have been swept, sink is empty, bathroom is clean, and your desk is tidy. You can think clearly, calmly, and just breathe!

Speaking of breathing, there is a new study out that suggests cleaning can be bad for your health! A lot of the cleaners used in homes lead to reduced lung capacity and possibly long-term risk to your respiratory health. That isn’t to say, just let someone else deal with the health complications of your clean house. It is actually a chance to help out a local business in your area, who has probably already taken the time to find the safest, and most effective cleaners. Many services even advertise as using organic or pet friendly products.

The more you investigatewhat these services cost, the thought of doing it yourself really comes down to a simple question: What is your time and health worth? For arguments sake, let’s say you take extra time to find the safest cleaning products to help protect your health. Now you have a new equation, time cleaning plus time researching equals how many hours? Is that many hours spent cleaning worth saving the cost of missing out on moments with your family and friends? Or is it worth it to give up the do it yourself mentality on this one, and pay to let someone else tidy up?

There may not be a wrong answer, but there is a difference to be made. Your chores can be another person’s side-hustle, or way of living. Yet another way you can invest in local business, while freeing up time to pour in other areas of life. The glass doesn’t have to be empty or full, it just needs to be clean.